Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Eight thirty. They slept until eight thirty! In Mamaland, that is totally brag-worthy! Hayden was up first, so we let him unload his stocking since Santa doesn't wrap everything in there. He immediately figured out Santa's wrapping paper code, and started to scout out the gifts under the tree....and the Bakugan bonanza the elves didn't wrap.

Once Grace was up, we let him rouse Bayley while the girl got a fresh diaper. Here's to potty training in 2011!

But, back to the good stuff. Hayden's Santa doubts vanished as soon as he realized he had gifts under the tree. He swiftly decided Santa rewarded him for not having to sign the clipboard at school, and didn't forget him because he's been having naughty behaviors. He then explained that he thinks he may be a Sith to Bayley's Jedi, and that the anger of being evil is making him do naughty things. Yeah. It won't hold up in Mommy court, but that's a battle for another day.

Grace was hot and cold with her gifts...the beads, color stacker and lacing boards were great but the tea set she could have done without. We're hoping that after naps she decides the tea pouring sound isn't so troubling.

Bayley seemed happy with his haul, but Hayden noticed that Santa did not bring him any DS games. Ignoring that he got 2 Wii games, he started to have a snit. But, I explained that I told Santa that until he pays me back for the DS game he bought THIS SUMMER, he can't have any new ones. His response? That's OK, I think I talked Uncle Tim into getting me one.

While the boys were building their mini-lightsabers, we baked cinnamon rolls and bacon. We found some amazing pears at Costco and voila...Christmas breakfast!

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