Saturday, December 25, 2010

Swedish Christmas Eve

Every year Jeff's extended family gathers for a traditional Swedish Christmas dinner - Swedish meatballs, Rut-mus (mashed potatoes and rutabegas), corn pudding, rice pudding, rye bread, cardamom bread...and the American additions of green bean casserole and pink jello whip.

This year, we all gathered at Uncle Bob & Aunt Mary's. The kids love it there because they've kept most of their kid toy in the basement. As soon as they get through the hello's, they're down the stairs searching for the giant Lego tub. This is the first year that their cousin Sean decided he's too old for Legos. But, 13 is not too old to get bored with adults, so he did go downstairs and try to keep the boys from getting too wild.

Hayden was proud to show off his cookie baking skills - and get rewarded with a dozen EZ Bake mixes from Aunt Sunny! Grace was delighted by more dress up clothes for her stash and a Baby Alive doll. Now...this doll seemed quite, well, intense for the adults. But Grace was enthralled with feeding the baby. In fact, she woke up Christmas morning, grabbed the disappearing juice sippy cup and said "Time to feed my baby!"

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