Saturday, December 18, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

The Burke clan met up with the Busy Bee Bunch for breakfast with the world's tallest Santa Claus! No joke, Miss Kris & Miss Helen Barely made it to Santa's chest! It was a seven foot tall Santa! But, that made my big boys seem just the right size to be sitting on Santa's lap.

Bayley made sure to keep it simple for Santa - boy DS games, and anything Star Wars. Hayden...decided he does not believe in Santa. He figures, it's probably just mom & dad anyway. and he decided to tell this to our friends' five-year-old. Luckily, she told him to watch himself, or he'd wind up with coal.

Jingle the Elf was there making balloon animals for all the kiddos. What did the boys opt for? swords. In Jedi colors of course. And then a sword fight broke out with some of the other kiddos. Between impromptu balloon fencing and Santa belief killing...I'm not sure we'll be invited back next year!

One of my personal highlights was a pic of the Busy Bee alum with Santa. It always warms my heart to see these kids still friends.

Grace was not interested in Santa or his elves. She did manage to ask Santa for candy...and got a candy cane for her efforts. Maybe next year she'll be ready for it.

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Nicole Maki said...

So awesome to see a photo of everyone!

You're such a good mom - we gave up visiting Santa years ago.