Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Medford Day 3 :: The center of the earth

Hayden :: We were in the Oregon caves. It was fun and we had to climb up stairs. My legs were hurting at the end. For dinner we're having spagetti and meatballs. Yummy, right? We learned how to help the caves in their natural habitat. Water fell on my head and they called it a cave kiss. At the Oregon Caves I got a scrape on my leg on the first step of the stair test. It's kind of a circly one. It's pretty weird. Down there it smelled part of the way a little skunky. On the way to the car I got as close as I could to a chipmunk. One inch away. I got to pet him. He climbed on me. One time I saw a chipmunk go in the Oregon Caves. I followed him in there and I did not look happy at what I saw. I saw a sculpture of a bear.

The speedboat was so fun! If I get close enough to Bayley, you can hear his DS playing. Bayley made it to world 5 on his DS. He says everytime I look at his DS, he blames his losing on my looking.

We got new fish for the pond and I got to pick out 2 of them. I named one orange head because he has an orange head. I named the other one Camoflauged because when the girl tried to get him he disappeared.

Bayley :: There were these formations where the minerals leave little rings behind. They are called sodsa straws. There is a hole in the middle where the water goes in. There is this place called angel falls really deep in the caves and she put a black light on and it glowed in the dark and Hayden's shirt did too. There was a place called Niagra Falls, not the real one, where people wrote on it with graffitti but from a long time ago. We saw a stalagmite and a stalagtite grow together. My favorite part was basically everything. It smelled like soda because there was the stuff you put in soda in there, some type of acid.

My canine is almost out. I'm breaking a bunch of roots off my tooth.

Tomorrow we're going to go see Grandma Evie.

Grammo :: The boys were really good about listening while we were at the caves. I put socks on them, and one of my sweatshirts. It's amazing how big those boys are getting! Because Bayley understood what was being explained, he enjoyed it more. Hayden was bored by all the look and don't touch. Hayden wasn't worried about falling into the center of the earth, he was more interested in whether there were bears and chipmunks in the cave. They had lots of questions for the guide.

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