Sunday, August 23, 2009

Medford Day 1 :: How the waterbed broke

Bayley :: The first day was awesome! We earned hot tub time, But first Grammo and Pop Pop have to wantch their show that comes on at 8 (Big Brother). Then we're going to go in the hot tub for thirty minutes. Then shower for twn minutes. So we'll go to bed at 940. While they're watching their show Hayden and I are going to watch the goldfish.

Right now we're on Grammo and Pop Pop's waterbed. They said when I have to give Gracie the bed in my room, I can have the waterbed. (Um, no. Not upstairs he can't.) We can do cool moves on it. We can sit up and have a backrest. My bed can't do that. Hayden put my DS on the waterbed and it didn't sink.

Hayden :: Maybe tomorrow we'll go to the caves or on a boat. I wonder if the speed boat goes so fast it lifts from the water and goes in the air for a little jump...

...the phone cut out (Bayley was playing with the speaker button) and came back to "I think they broke the water bed" and then hung up completely.


Pop Pop :: It's fine, they broke the waterbed. We'll sleep on the couch tonight and fix it tomorrow. It's 12 years old, so you jump on it twice and apparently, it breaks. Time to watch Big Brother.

We'll DEFINITELY not be getting Bayley a waterbed.


Mama K said...

OH come on Jena - A little water never hurt much!!! (just the carpets, sub floor, hardwood floors, can cause dry rot.. ect)

waterbed trends said...

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