Monday, August 24, 2009

Medford Day 2 :: How we got drenched

Bayley :: The jet boat was awesome. Our pilot's name was Rick. We got drenched on the way back. On the way there we didn't get very drenched at all. Water was dripping off my eyelids. It looked like I was crying so much, or sweating really really hard. I had biscuits, water, butter, and that is basically about it. Oh, and really hard breadsticks. We saw a few blue herons and a few bald eagles and a bunch of osprey in their nests and basically a bunch of rocks. We went really fast past this other guy and it sent a huge wave off the side and it drenched them. It took them totally by surprise.

Hayden :: At the restaurant Bayley was talking about, I had ribs and chicken wings. It was good. I loved it. At the restaurant I saw 3 deer. I can sense their brains and see what they are about to say. The one with the big antlers says - stay out of our territory, or else be prepared to fight. Finally the deer charged at the hunter, avoidig the bullets with his antlers. When me and Bayley were done eating we looked over the side. We saw the guy that drived our boat fishing. We got soalking wet and guess what? When we are in the deep zone we turn around and get splashed. It's called splashed.

Where's Gracie? I want tos ee if she wants to talk to me. She might wiggle the phone because she might hear my voice and want me out.

Grammo has a big penny collection. I think she has two dollars in pennies.

The waterbed is almost filled up. Pop Pop says it needs more.

Grammo :: Bayley is a badass. We're in the back row, and he just stands up - go faster, spin to the left - get the other boat wet. We were in the lead boat. We saw osprey, minks, turtles, geese, ducks. Bayley stood up almost the whole way so he could get the full effect. Hayden wasn't sure on the way out there, but he was hungry and thirsty. Once he had dinner he was fine. He had 4 ribs and a piece of chicken! He is a major meat eater. On the way back in the car Hayden said - you ar ethe best Grammo and Pop Pop in the world! You are so cool! The faster it went and the more it spun, the more they liked it. It was in the 90s here, so it was so hot you dried as fast as they got us wet. Bayley really enjoyed it. He seemed to be absorbing all the information the guide was telling everyone.

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