Monday, June 24, 2013

Restaurants & Recitals & Christenings, oh my!

Acting Class

This year the boys are taking over the blog for the summer. I'm handing over weekly writing prompts from our week, and they are sharing their favorite events.

O’Sushi                 Red Robin                           On The Border                  Juan Colorado’s                                BJ’s                        John’s Incredible Pizza                 Park Lanes Bowling                         Bowling Class                     Swimming                           Epic                        Dance Recital                     Family Dinner                    Feed the ducks                 Acting Class                        Dentist                 Orthodontist                      Clara’s Baptism                 Natalie’s Birthday party                 Grammo & Pop Pop visit
Hayden ::
The first week of summer was awesome. Some think I liked were O'Sushi, Grace's dance recital, and Grammo & Pop Pop's visit.

At O'Sushi me and Mom ate a lot of sushi. And if you know Bayley, he doesn't like sushi, but he tried some. And he liked most of the sushi.
We went to Grace's dance recital. All of the dancers were really good. Grace's dance was awesome until she stuck out her tongue.
Feeding the ducks
We ate at a lot of restaurants because we were so busy.
 Grammo & Pop Pop came to see Grace dance, and to see me and Bayley. And also for Natalie's party. And Clara's.

P.S. I hope we can go to Six Flags because they have eighteen roller coasters. I also want to go to John's Incredible again.

Bayley :

I had a lot of fun in the first week of summer. I went to O'Sushi, John's Incredible and had bowling lessons. I hop I get to go to all three places more this summer.

This week we tried a new sushi place called O'Sushi. It was really cool. It had all of the little sushis on a moving conveyor belt. My favorite were the sesame balls with chocolate inside. Afterwards, we all got mochi.

This week we also went to John's Incredible for my report card dinner. I played almost every game. My favorite one is the block stacker game. With a bit more practice I might be able to win a laptop! (If it doesn't glitch out like it did for Hayden.)

We are also taking bowling lessons at Four Seasons. I got the highest scores I've ever had. After the lesson was over, the instructor was really nice and taught me how to throw a ball with a hook. I still have some work to do, but I'm getting better.

I hope to go to all of these places again this summer, and also go to the beach!

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