Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sixth Grade Graduation

Bayley did it. He conquered elementary school and moved on to battle junior high. Yes, I am indeed freaking out about this new stage much more than I should.

license plate wall
I've seen graduation ceremonies for Bayley before - preschool, kindergarten, Webelos crossover to Boy Scouts. This wasn't such a formal event. No singing, no graduation hats, not even a Native American guide to lead them through.

This was a party. A celebration of who this class of kids are as a group. Maybe it's the Lake Woebegone effect, but this is a great bunch.

Not sure about these sideways pictures

The clever road trip theme earned the kiddos their own 'license' in lieu of diplomas, and a license plate with their name on it. The tables were covered in maps (outdated freebies from AAA, so smart) and the cafeteria walls transformed with road sign posters. The breakfast had all the kids favorites - the towers of bagels and strawberries adorned with checkered flags.

I loved the slideshow the most. The kids did some great things this year (toothpick bridges, outdoor school) and I loved seeing them happy and confident.

After the graduation party, the 6th grade parades through the school, all the other students lining the halls to clap them out. The younger kids really get into applauding as the 'big kids' go by, reaching out to high-five their mentor, reading buddy, or neighbor. I think the 5th grade thinks thoughts of "One more year."

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