Friday, June 14, 2013

Another Year, Another Bonfire

6th Grade Planners
Last year the boys started the last day of school tradition of torching all the papers that come home at the end of the year.

Bayley upped the game and invited his friends over for a ceremonial end to elementary school. I sifted through his papers, snagging out a few assignments I wanted (like his "I Am" poem and such) and then let him have at it.

Math workbooks? All in!
Yes, it is surely more environmentally friendly to have them recycle everything. But it's much more fun to see a half-dozen boys toss their math workbooks at the flames and say "Begone, ye math!"

Seriously, these boys are more entertaining than most. And organized. They liked when each boy lit up the same thing at once.

And then, of course, there were marshmallows and s'mores. You can't waste a good bonfire.

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