Monday, July 01, 2013

Miniature golf & Bowling & Birthday Parties, oh my!

Aloha Day @ Camp Invention

Safety Town                       Camp Invention (Bayley was a junior counselor)                               Laser Tag                             Bowling                                Track Club                    IHOP                      Hayden’s Birthday Party                               Bayley’s Birthday Party                  miniature golf                    Red Robin                    Big Al’s                  Menchie’s

Too cool for fro-yo
Hayden :

Grace doesn't like miniature golf. She did like finding the frogs there. After, we went to a Red Robin and saw Mr. Pahakula, our principal. They sang us Happy Birthday and he sang too. Then we went to Big Al's.

Hayden hurdles
At Big Al's we went bowling at the bowling alley. When we were done bowling, we played video games. I got one thousand tickets on one game. I have 895 credits left on my card.

Hayden's Party

After bowling, we needed a snack. At Menchie's I got cake batter yogurt and a lot of toppings. Everybody loved to eat the frozen yogurt.

At Track Club I wanted to try the hurdles. After I jumped over them I wanted to do them again. I knew I wanted to try them at the track meet.

These are things I did on the second week of summer.

Bayley :

This week I went to Laser Tag, miniature golfing, and Track club started.

The Scout Troop celebrated shad's birthday at Laser Tag. In the first round I sucked and got about the fifth lowest score out of everybody. On the second round I got the fifth highest score! There was also lots of candy and cake. We let Hayden come along since he'd never been before.

This week we went mini-golfing. We did all eighteen holes, but Grace stopped at two and Hayden started fooling around at ten. I lost my ball in the stream at hole six and had to use Gracie's pink ball. I got second place. Afterwards we went to Red Robin and bowling, which was a good idea. It was so hot outside I almost cooked.

Track Club started this week. We practiced javelin, shot put, and discus. I like all three. I might even win a ribbon in one of them, maybe more than one.

That's what I did this week. I hope I get to do more Laser Tag, mini-golfing and track this summer

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