Saturday, September 29, 2012

Soccer Star

Soccer season is in full swing. Hayden was a little disappointed at first to learn his team was going in different directions. Some of the boys opted for more competitive leagues, including the coaches kids. The new team is a mixture of kids from nearby schools, and seems to be blending quite nicely.

The kids are learning to play all of the positions, and some of them manage to remember what position they are playing during a game. Hayden's biggest frustration right now seems to be when the other kids 'forget' their role and aren't where the need to be.

He likes to be a defender or a forward...he's not so keen on midfield since it is "just a bunch of running". He hasn't tried his hands at goalie yet, but since he stopped playing baseball because he was afraid to get hit with the ball, I'm not sure how it will play out. Plus, he's so hard on himself, I'd hate for him to crumble if a goal gets past him.

My favorite thing about this team is that the parents form a tunnel at the end of the games for the boys to pass through. It's a wonderful tradition that really brings the boys up from a loss and gives them a chance to strut their stuff after a win.

Grace doesn't even mind going to games or practices this year because one of Hayden's teammates has a little sister the same age. Now, if they could only both remember their Leapsters on the same day...

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