Friday, October 05, 2012


I looked into putting the kiddos in Hebrew school this year, just to give them some kind of religious exposure. I'm not a fan of organized religion and the plate passing, dues paying business of it all. I try to get the kids to one religious event every year...but last year it didn't work out.

This year I'm hoping we find an event that works with our schedule. But in the mean time - and since the Hebrew school couldn't be bothered to call me back - I've decided we'll try and get into the cycle with the holidays.

Sukkot came up first. Now, this is a holiday that encourages a party - my favorite kind. But, it also calls for building a booth in the yard, decorating it with found items, and eating your meals outside. Sometimes in the you can look up and see the stars.

It sounds like a great idea, especially with the warm weather we're having. But I'm not so keen on the backyard right now, with the trees that have to come down before they fall reminding me they've comandeered my vacation budget.

Instead, we opted for the Pinterest version of Sukkot, and built our sukkahs from graham crackers. We decorated with candy pumpkins and gummi fruits, used pretzel sticks for the roof...and even managed to find a use for the fruity marshmallows Grace just had to have.

Who knows if the kids will remember why we glued graham crackers together with chocolate frosting, but I feel better knowing I made the effort.

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