Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dinner Dance

Each year the boys' school has a fun night for the kiddos called the dinner dance. Lots of the families go and watch the littlies dance around to whatever the DJ is spinning. (Dynomite was the big hit) My favorite part is the hula-hooping contest, organzied by grade. They also raffle off baskets each class puts together, and do a silent auction...

I thought this was the best one the school had put on (with a fun 80s theme the kids really got into - Hayden even dressed up in a polo with an upturned collar and a sweater over his shoulders ala Carlton Banks)

Grace was in rare form and Jeff was working. Plus, we didn't win anything, and my mouth was a painful post-root canal mess so I was hungry for my blended soup.

The boys had fun running around with their friends and stuffing the raffle baskets with tickets...and then their mood soured when they didn't win anything.

Grace cheered up for a moment once her pal Ava arrived...but as soon as the snacks were gone, both girls were wondering what in the world they were doing in a school cafeteria.

I was never so glad to leave a school event - even though I missed the best part, the hula hooping contest.

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