Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ava In Wonderland

Grace's besty turned 2, and celebrated with an Ava in Wonderland princess party! All the girls wore princess dresses and decorated their own crown, most played pin the smile on the Cheshire cat followed by musical flowers.

Grace was having an exema flare, so her dress was too itchy. She wound up wearing her pink gown with a yellow thermal underneath. How Punky Brewster. But once she changed, and started eating the candy hearts decorating the table, she was MUCH happier.

So happy, she wanted to go play the bathtub which she and Ava have decided is THE place to be. Only Mr. Steve was hiding in the master bedroom, and decided to rescue the princess back to the party.

Once the food was served (her favorite - fruit and cool whip) she stayed put. She even wanted to help her friend blow out the birthday candles.

The highlight of the party had to be the Dora doll house. I think Grace wanted to take it home! Luckily, she'll get plenty of chances to play with it!

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