Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Preview

Daddy climbed the big ladder (I'll climb the 6 footer, but the 12 seems...quite high) and got down the costume box for us. The boys had fun looking through their old costumes, and Grace had a ball trying them on!

There was a moment when Hayden was torn between the race car driver and Jengo Fett, but Star Wars won out. Bayley, being the oldest and tallest...didn't have much choice beyond a repeat as Darth Vader.

Grace was so excited - jumping up and down chanting Halloween! Halloween! And saying oh, pretty costume...except, there is no pretty costume. I never found a girly one I fell in love with enough to shell out the cash. So, she'll be a 2 year-old tiger, just like Bayley & Hayden before her. She was thrilled, practicing her growl already.

She also thought about the fire fighter and the pirate...but they were too big, so tiger it is!

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