Sunday, September 26, 2010

Natalie's Christening

Natalie was baptised today, and to celebrate Uncle Dan & Aunt Christina were throwing a picnic lunch for the family and closest friends...and then it rained!

So, they re-routed everyone to our place where we all stuffed ourselves with Abuelo Ramon's tostadas. And fruit. Wow, did Gracie go to town on the fruit! He had both strawberries and cantaloupe, so she was as happy with the fruit as Pop Pop was with his four tostadas!

We tried again for a picture of the cousins. Natalie and the boys sat still...and I tried to make Grace sit down...and she wanted to be the one holding the baby, and the baby was having none of that!

The party also marked the return on Uncle Randy, Uncle Dan's best friend who lived with Uncle Gabe back in DC for a couple of years. Poor guy, we've termed him our brother from a different mother...and father! The boys didn't remember him at first, which was good since they used to call him Randy Candy and who needs that! Once they realized he was funny, they were all over him...literally. They even offered to 'train' him to play Wii and Nintendo DS!

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