Sunday, October 31, 2010


After an afternoon of negotiations about when to begin and end trick-or-treating on a school night, the parade of trick-or-treater's settled the matter in the boys favor at 5:30. Apparently, that's when our neighborhood gets the first wave. We hadn't even lit the pumpkins yet!

Bayley's cub scout den got together to carve pumpkins and had a great time. Hayden had a free form design...Bayley tried one of the intricate patterns. I think he pulled off the haunted house pretty well!

After a quick dinner, we headed over to the Hyppolite's so that the parentals would have someone to talk to while the kiddos collected candy. Our boys are so technical about it, it was fun to be with Steven who seemed genuinely surprised that each and every house gave him candy! Talk about an attitude of gratitude!

Our neighborhood has some families who really get into Halloween - there is a front yard graveyard and a haunted house! Last year, the boys weren't interested, but this year they realized the reward -- full size candy bars! Light saber & gun in hand, they headed in...and made it out to claim their reward!

After a bumpy start with Gracie the Tiger, she quickly realized how to trick-or-treat, even saying "Happy Halloween!" in place of thank you for her candy. But, her joy was short lived once candy began to topple out of her witch's butt candy basket. I'll have to snag her a bigger one for next year. We stuffed our pockets with the candy and she was at it again...only to decide she was truly done when more spilled out. So, I jostled her back home and the boys finished their marathon trick-or-treating in record time.

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