Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A time for candy and toys...

What else is December for than new toys and enough candy to keep a dentist in business for life? Hayden got his gift early from GramMo and Pop Pop - a blue Easy Bake Oven! He loves it. This was his first creation, a cake. He's also tried cookies and can't wait to bake every single day. Bayley got the zero gravity laser remote control car. He loves it, but it's hard to take a picture of the kid, the laser, the car and the wall it is climbing.

My friend Nicole shared a picture of one of her boys and his candy advent garland. We're not proud, we copied :) The boys are quite excited to get a piece of candy every day. We even put a bag on Chanukkah gelt on day 12!

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Hyppster's Board said...

The candy avent garland is a nifty idea. I might copy it too! Tell Hayden...next time we come over...we expect cake :)