Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Music Night

Which should be titled...I need a new camera. Mine has been dropped a few too many times and now isn't auto-focusing. Drat. Anyway... through the blur you can make out a fun event...

The first grade did a concert for their families -- Hayden was a jingle bell ringer for "Over the River & Through The Woods" and they ended with a dance from The Nutcracker (as a preview of what they'll do in 2nd grade). It was a HUGE night for Hayden...he was the bell ringer and when the kids tried to get someone to dance with them, Jeff went up. You should have seen Hayden's face, he was shining with joy. I only caught a snippet...(see the I need a new camera bit earlier and add on a part about videos)

Then parents helped the kiddos make the base for their 'gingerbread' houses. Hayden is quite excited to decorate his at the party on Friday. And then it's two weeks off!!


Fab Free Fun said...

YES!!! Hayden loves it now...but in 10 years when the cheerleaders are asking for parent participation, Jeff dancing for everyone not so fabulous:)

However for the rest of us, it will always be great

Nicole Maki said...

Aw. Love little kid Christmas shows. Good memories.

Amazon Gold Box Deals have really great camera prices fairly often. That's how I get all of mine - we've dropped a lot of cameras :-)

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I never seriously considered that they might be giving us the gift for a specific reason that resonated with them. You are so good at seeing different angles.

We've bought dinner for soldiers when they are at the same restaurant as we are. They always are so surprised and they come and introduce themselves to us and the kids. It's neat. I saw it on TV and thought it was a good idea.

Your comments always rock. Thanks.