Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pre-Christmas Round-Up

Both Burke brothers lost a tooth! Unfortunately, the tooth fairy missed our house the first night, so we emailed her to make sure she didn't pass us by again. Hayden is excited and wants to go shopping, since Grandma gave him $1 the other day for helping out. He's 'loaded'! (The bandaid was to cover a scratch on his forehead he thought was itchy, and the orange mouth is from Gatorade)

The annual ornaments arrived from Great Aunt Lynn. This was Grace's first time to realize what an ornament is. The boys did a lovely job decorating the tree when we first put it up, but now it only has ornaments on the top third. Everytime Grace takes one, we move it higher. Good thing we got a tall tree!

The annual McCauley Swedish Cristmas Eve dinner was held early so that Jeff's aunt's family could make a trek to a rustic cabin in the wilderness. Even though everyone is local, we only seem to manage to meet up on Christmas and Easter, so it was great to catch up with everyone.

As usual, the boys charmed everyone, and we got to show off Grace in all her adorable glory -- until she got hungry. But there was some good news in that - while the boys and I aren't fond of the Swedish meatballs, rice pudding & root-mousse, Grace loved it! She had two meatballs and enough of the root-mousse (mashed potatoes and rutebegas) to smear it all over my shirt. Thank goodness next year she'll be able to sit in a chair and not on a lap.

Grace was melting down by the time it came to opening gifts, but she did seem to love her Lady Buggy tricycle (it's pink and has ladybugs on it!!)

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