Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa Did Good!

The boys rounded up the family to head downstairs to check out the Santa spoils. They loved that their stockings were on the ground because they were too heavy for the hooks! Mom & Dad were glad they waited until 7, which was a much more appropriate hour to wake the diva. She got up on her own with all the commotion.

Hayden was most excited about the surprise gifts under the tree. They usually only get stockings, so it was extra special to find a Hot Wheels jump launcher thingamajig. Bayley was excited by his Darth Vader Legos, but his favorite was the DS games tucked in his stocking.

Grace found a pink shopping cart next to the tree and was thrilled to find something else to stock her kitchen with! She still hasn't managed to get it up the stairs - that would mean someone else has to carry it and she launches a fit of "MINE! MINE!" if anyone dares get too close. She also got a Little People frog & prince...she promptly kissed the frog. The girl knows she's a princess! Princess Diva...

Hayden loved that Santa left only crumbs of the cookies he'd selected for him, and drank almost all the milk. Good job, Santa!

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