Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Jeff took the entire week off to do fun stuff with the kiddos. He started the week by taking the boys bowling - just boys. this has become quite important to them all of the sudden. I asked what their scores were...but they only told me they had french fries and fruit punch. OK...

Today was Enchanted Forest. Our neighbors went a few weeks ago and loved it, so we decided to add it to our summer experience. They LOVED it. The boys did the log ride 5 times...all 3 boys. And the toboggan ride 4 times... Jeff kept making them do Frogger which is a fave of his, but the boys preferred the bumper boats I think.

True to form, Hayden had to go on the train as much as possible. We're thinking of taking a train trip to Seattle just so he can go on a long ride!

Grace was a dream. She was happy the whole time, took short naps, and didn't even poop! Hey, that's an A+ when you're 3 months old!

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