Friday, August 15, 2008

Medford - Day 3

We went to the blowling alley. We went to the water park. There was even a bear and you had to go through the hoop and it squirts you when you go through the hoop, just like a ring of fire. There was a bench that had Grandma Goldie's name. That's Dad's Grandma. We went to the park. We had a Costco hot dog and I had a chocolate ice cream with a vanilla swirl and I ate it. We even got mini tiny squirt guns. Can we bring them home? I drank some water from the water guns.

Dad? Can I tell you something? When I look at a picture of you and Mom, it makes me miss you even more. Bayley wants to have a sleepover for 6 days again. Know what we had for dinner? Spaghetti, garlic bread, and a corn dog. And on Meerkat Manor, Flower died.

Hi Gracie, are you good? I am an our grandma and grandpa's and we're going to go to a restaurant for a second time.


At the waterpark there were these gimungo water guns that we got to squirt people with. They are like huge. I found out how to aim sprinklers at people. I got really wet, but only some of the people shot me back. The water goes like every way.

I got three spares and my score at bowling was 93. Hayden got a 69 with 1 spare. 8 pounds was the least heavy ball we could get. Hayden used bumpers and a ramp. Sometimes I used it. That's how I got my 3 spares.

After we went bowling we had lunch at Costco. I ate a whole berry smoothie, a whole Costco hot dog and a whole chocolate ice cream. I was like a stuffed bear. I was stuffed, just not with a bunch of fuzz.

We came home and we had another water fight with mini water guns. After that I colored and Hayden, GramMo and Pop Pop watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. Right now I see an avocado that is half black and half green. Oh, it's not an avocado, it's a lime.


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