Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Medford - Day 1

We went and saw Flushed Away, but only half of it because we got scared and wanted to leave.

We went out to lunch at Home Town Buffet with Grandma Evie. I'm surprised that there macaroni and cheese is no good. It's horrible. It tasted too dry. I ate a lot of other stuff and that was the best. We sat at a table for six and Mr. Nobody came with us.

We got to go into Grandma Evie's house, which I don't remember being in before. We got a big bagful of stuff, like fruit snacks, gumballs and lots of candy. A few seconds ago I asked Gram Mo if I could have one and she said no. We are eating dinner. I already had 2 pieces of pizza and now I'm going to have some tater tots.

We had a water fight with Pop Pop. We each had a bucket, but Hayden's was bigger. Mine was the biggest and Pop Pop's was the smallest. Pop Pop's had a lot of leaks. The buckets had holes them. I stole so much from his bucket that I had extra when Hayden and Pop Pop's bucket ran out. I squirted him in the glasses a couple times.

We played Uno. The thing that we just don't understand are these 4 blank cards. On the back they say Uno, but on the back they are only white. And we're going to do the hot tub tonight, but when it gets dark. that will probably be 830 or 9 o'clock. That will count as our bath. Bayley

We did a water gun fight and me and Bayley were a team. We had a big giant water gun as big as the whole yard and we used 80 buckets of water to fill it up. Not really. Only half that.

Tomorrow we're going to go see the museum. Can you pick me up on Friday? I'm really missing my home. And Daddy and Gracie. And Rogue too. Hayden

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