Thursday, August 14, 2008

Medford - Day 2

We went to Science Works Museum. I got trapped inside a bubble. To get out, we popped it. Gram Mo pulled up a big bubble sheet and we stuck our heads through it. There is even a robot that talks and know what my favorite part was? There were switches that turned on a train. There's like a bike thing that makes the train go. We built a damn and also we walked at the mine. There was an earthquake and stuff like that. Can we go there again?

We had lunch at Lithia Park and we got to see lots of animals. Two baby deers with white spots were in the yard when we got home. I scared them away.

And we had a water fight, and me and Bayley were on a team and we got Pop Pop in the glasses. We also played soccer. We are having a good time. Do you know why it's a good time? We had no baby to take care of.

-- Hayden

My favorite part was when we went to Science Works Museum. What I liked doing there was the bubbles and the train and the dam. We built the dam out of magnetic blocks and that was really, really fun. there was also a shadow thing and a camera took a picture of us, and then we posed and had to wait 15 seconds and it would take a picture.

And do you want to know something? There were two wheels, one with zebra stipes. You turn it all around for 20 seconds and then look at your hand and your skin falls. It was creepy. Then there was another one that was black on half of it and white and black on the other half. When you turn it around it turns rainbow colors. and then there was a kaliedoscope and you go down and under and inside of it. You're like, Wow! There's like this soda bottle and you fill it with air and water and you launch it into the air and try to make it touch the top. And then there are also these pulleys, you pull on a rope and go up higher and you're like, cool! There are these mirros and you look in them and you get by the mirror and look really, really small. By another one you look really tall. It's cool.

I liked the park. We saw ducks and goldfish. We looked for 4 leaf clovers.

We had a big water fight.

Tomorrow we are going to play miniature golf and go bowling. And then the water park. I got a popsicle right now.


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