Monday, April 28, 2014

DC Day Six :: Back to the city

The line for the National Archives wrapped around the building every time we thought of going. Since this was our final chance to make it inside - and because Hayden wanted to see the Constitution, we got there before it opened. And the line...was only half as long. They had a no picture policy, as most places in DC seem to.

We went to Clyde's for lunch - it was a gamble since I didn't want to pester Gabe for restaurants post-wedding. Luckily, it was delicious. A little fancier than anywhere else we'd been. From there we hopped on Metro and went to the National Zoo.

My online guides gave some good tips for the zoo. The zoo is built on a hill, so we knew to start at the top and head downhill. Because we have a nice zoo, and we'd been to the San Diego zoo last year, the kids were mainly interested in the pandas because we hadn't seen them before. Unfortunately, it was the saddest little exhibit. The pandas hunched in corners staring blankly.

The lions were loud and the birds were plentiful. We explored as the temperature dropped, but luckily a lot of the exhibits have indoor options. Gracie spied a carousel, and this time Bayley decided to join in.

And then it started to smell like rain. I wanted to buy umbrellas, but Jeff pointed out that 1) we're from Oregon and 2) that would cost more than a taxi all the way back to Arlington. So we trekked in the rain to the nearest Metro and headed back to our hotel. Grace was cold, but the boys were unfazed and practiced Metro-surfing on the ride.

We had dinner at Port City Brewing, where Gracie warmed up with mac & cheese and Bayley had a...bacon cheeseburger.

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