Friday, April 25, 2014

DC Day Four :: And the Wedding Festivities Begin!

If the sky's awake, then we're awake. We trekked out in search of Astro Doughnuts, which had recently topped our hometown Voodoo Doughnuts in a poll somewhere. We are completely biased, and yet I'm thinking whoever made that poll was too. Voodoo is awesome!

 Whenever we explore a city, we like to take the kids up high so they can see where they've been. Unfortunately, the Washington Monument hadn't reopened yet, but we had another great option - the Old Post Office Tower. Getting to the top is a two-step process, in an elevator that had seen many things. The views were awesome, and there were guides explaining the history and helping to find all the place's we'd been, and point us towards places we'd yet to see. The only downside? It closed for remodeling shortly after we'd visited. Apparently Trump bought the place, and rumor is he'll turn it into a hotel...and likely charge for those trips to the tower.

We hit the National Air and Space Museum next. I'd expected the boys to really enjoy this one, but they preferred the more hands-on experiences at Evergreen Air & Space. And I thought they only liked that place for the water park. There was lots to see and do, but once they'd walked through the space shuttle, they were pretty much done.

We had an early lunch at Elephant & Castle, which had been Gabe-approved. Hayden was happy to fill himself up with fish and chips, while Bayley had another bacon cheeseburger. The kid had a bacon cheeseburger at almost every place we went.

And let it be known that while Hayden has the same sweatshirt on in every picture, he did in fact bathe and change his clothes every day. Ahem.

Jeff took Metro to pick up our rental car for our drive to Reston for the wedding festivities. The kids and I walked back to our hotel, so I made them stop for an obligatory photo at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden and again on the National Mall with the Capitol in the background. They were really missing Dad at this point.

We made it back to our hotel and were ready when Jeff arrived with the car. We headed downstairs like a bunch of pack mules and loaded the car down for the drive. Which was much easier than expected. Thank goodness for whomever invented GPS directions!

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