Friday, April 25, 2014

DC Day 4.5 :: Rehearsal Time

We found our hotel and find that someone had forgotten to check the closet before we left DC. The dress from hell was still in the city! Now, given my relationship with the dress, I was fine with, except Gracie's flower girl dress and dress coat were also there. I felt horrible. And oh-so grateful when Jeff volunteered to go back into town and get the stuff I'd left behind. Someone ought to marry that guy.

We met up with the rest of the family at the rehearsal. Gracie & Natalie are always happy to see each other, but I think Grace was extra happy after spending so much time with the boys. After a quick run-through, everyone headed to Maureen's parents house for dinner. And a Hudson cuddle. Yes, the tiniest member of our crew made the trip!

After the rehearsal, PopPop was ready for bed and so was Gracie Mae. We had adjoining rooms, so they went to sleep in one room while the boys had some kind of Pokémon-fest. Jeff went on his recon mission, and everyone else found there way to McCormick & Schmick's. Yes, we found the Oregon-based chain in Virginia.

I was stressed from having forgot the dress and sending Jeff into the yawning maw of DC Friday night traffic. And so, my brother's medicated me...with beer. I do believe I had a good time, though I have no recollection of taking this photo of my mother doing tequila shots with my brother and his buddies! Too funny!

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