Monday, February 10, 2014


I love it when it snows here at home. The kids can go out an play for a while, then come in an warm up and go back out again. When we go to the snow, it always feels like we drove more than we played.

The snow started on Thursday, prompting the school district to send kids home early. Grace had a playdate since Hayden and I were on a field trip, so Bayley came home and joined a snowball fight. Thank goodness one of the neighborhood moms knew where he was, because I was stuck on a school bus freaking out that he never made it home.

Because snow is so rare, we didn't really trust that it would last. As soon as we made it home, all the kids were out in the white stuff. The dogs were truly unsure what to make of the stuff on that first day.

By the second day, there was nine inches on the ground. I was so glad our kitchen was stocked and we could just sit back and enjoy. And make snow ice cream. Because I saw it on Pinterest.

The third day was Kaitlyn's birthday. Her party was cancelled because no one was going anywhere, but we had more fun sledding on the street than we will when we go roller skating. Of this I am sure.

The neighborhood kids spent a lot of time together. There were snow hikes and snowball fights, dragging siblings on sleds, building sled ramps off the tailgates of pick up trucks. We even attempted a snow fort, but the boys quickly lost interest in the actual building part.

Parents were out enjoying the snow too. Jeff wanted to join in the snowball fights, but I don't think the boys found him cool enough. Luckily, Tom & the girls were passing by and could get in on the action.

By the fourth day, things we starting to melt, but they kept the kids out of school for a few more days while things got cleaned up. By then, the kids were looking to expand their snow play and a massive neighborhood snowball fight was called. That half-built snow fort actually came in handy.

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