Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cross Over

It's Hayden's turn to cross over from cub scouts to boy scouts. It seems like he was just a Tiger cub. But alas, he's done with cub scouts. He earned the highest honors in the program - the Arrow of Light and Heavy Shoulder.

Arrow of Light is for those who did more than the minimum to cross over, and heavy shoulder means they earned every pin possible. Hayden was determined to get heavy shoulder because Bayley didn't. The competition among brothers...

The cross over ceremony is called the Blue & Gold dinner. The pack provided pizza & cake for the boys, which made everything go much smoother than when the individual troops did their own thing.

Bayley and his troop were there to welcome Hayden (and five other boys from his den) to the troop. It reminded me of when Bayley and his den crossed over, practically doubling the size of the troop! I think the troop enjoyed bringing Hayden aboard in an official capacity, he'd been the little brother for too long.


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