Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting to The Cabin

The boys spent a week at the cabin last year and raved about it. Now that Grace turned five, she gets in on the week with Grammo & PopPop. The kids and I took the scenic drive to the cabin, stopping to spot waterfalls along the way.

I was excited to see the trails, Bayley was over it after our second stop. He wanted to get to the cabin. Now. Right now. There was a storm on the way and he wanted to fish before it started to rain.

I was fine with ignoring him. Though once I had to drive in the rain, I had to listen to how right he'd been. But I'm still glad we stopped and explored. It really broke up the trip.

We got there in the rain, and rushed inside. Bayley was so happy to finally get there. Hayden headed up the ladder to check out the sleeping loft. Grace was more interested in Pop Pop than the cabin. That's to be expected, I suppose.

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