Friday, August 23, 2013

At The Cabin

With six people at the cabin, it's pretty close quarters. Luckily, Grace is always willing to help. She even helped Pop Pop style his hair.

The boys had a project while they were there - building a picnic table. They got to sign their name beneath the seats. You're reading that right. Bayley signed his Mr. Awesomeness.

The folks moved the Skittles game up there. It cracked me up to see the kids playing the spinning top game we used to play on the dining room table

One of the things the boys look forward to the most at the cabin is archery. Bayley spends hours on it every day. The target was shredded by the time they left.

There seems to be a certain time that fishing works. And apparently anyone who gets in the way of said fishing time, is ruining fishing. I think the boys have realized the truth about fishing. It's not called catching. However, it's a great way to sit around and relax.

The boys were sure to show off their expert bacon making skills. I crack up every time I realize Boy Scouts has prepared my boys to make breakfast more than anything else.

Gracie loved it so much, she can't wait to go back.

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