Monday, July 15, 2013

Billiards and Bikes and Bullseyes...oh my!

Olive Garden
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shave ice at the Farmer's Market


Bayley ::

The fourth week of summer was fun. I felt happy. We went out a lot. My favorite things were playing pool, Olive Garden, and archery.

This week we played pool. At first I didn’t know how to hold the stick so I sucked. But after a game or two I was the best in the family. (I still am.) I just wish the game could end quicker.

After playing pool, we went to Olive Garden. The wait was half an hour, so we walked to Moonstruck Chocolates and had truffles. (Mine was amazing.) When we actually got to eat we had calamari, salad, beef ravioli and the best breadsticks ever. It was amazing food.
sign post found with metal detector
The next day we took an archery class. I was afraid I wouldn’t be as good as everyone else, but I was the best in the class. For the first half, I never got lower than a six. I even got three bullseyes! One round I shot twenty-two points! I’m trying to convince my parents to fence off the side yard so I can practice archery. And maybe tomahawk.

That’s what I did on the fourth week of summer. Pool, Olive Garden, and archery. I hope we do the same things next summer.


Hayden ::

This week was filling. I felt happy, We did a lot. My favorite things were archery, Olive Garden, and Red Robin.

At archery class me and Bayley and Dad have a bet. The bet was who gets the high score chooses where we go for lunch. Bayley got the high score of twenty-two. He chose Red Robin.

At Red Robin me and Dad ate wings. I ordered the kids mac and cheese. Dad and Bayley both ordered more wings and bacon cheese burgers.

At Olive Garden me and Bayley had Chicken Alfredo. We had desert and mine was white chocolate strawberry cake.  


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