Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Gracie's 4th Birthday Party

I was under it with a book deadline, so the rainbow party I had planned on Pinterest was too ambitious. Instead, I opted to throw a party I've done three times before! We rented the preschool for a morning of playing, cake & presents. I even impressed myself by how quickly we were able to set up, party, and clean up!

Grace loved getting to play with her preschool buddies and other special friends...all girls! Hayden was thrilled that a few other big brothers showed up. I think he was a bit worried he'd be the only boy. It was great fun to see the girls playing hard in their party dresses.

The adults seem to have a good time watching the kiddos...or throwing them about. Sometimes I think Jeff had kids so he could act goofy and people wouldn't think he was off.

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