Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gracie Turns 4!

It is so hard to believe Grace is four years old. So strange how our babies grow into people, and yet remain tiny creatures in our hearts. Grace's morning started off with gifts from Mom & Dad -- including a Skuut. Basically, a wooden bike without pedals to help her get used to steering and balancing. A couple of preschool friends have them and she's always been fascinated.

She then got ready for preschool - complete with her favorite party dress. Big brothers had the day off, but Grace got to bring cookies and milk for snack time with her friends.

And then...Miss Kris had a great idea to enjoy the change in weather and have a picnic at the park next to the school. Grace LOVES picnics, but this was the first day it was warm enough to try.

She loved her birthday picnic! Since the big kids were off school, it was extra-special to have them there. We've been doing these picnic play dates since we mama's were prego, so it's so touching to see how the kids have grown together in a little unit.

It was also a little bittersweet...I think Bayley is getting too tall to play at the park!

We even got a little show... one of the houses next to the park was having a tree removed. The kids loved watching!!

Then it was home for a Tangled movie nap...only Grace decided that she and I needed to have a sleepover in my bed instead. I was fine with that...but a few minutes in she says "I don't like this bed." I asked if she was the princess and the pea...but she marched into her room and closed the door...and napped for two hours! I love this girl!

For dinner she had a special treat -- Red Robin with Natalie! She made sure they sat next to each other, and when Natalie put on a bib, she had to have one too.
She even shared her birthday ice cream...okay, one bite. But it was a step in the right direction.
After dinner, we came home to find Grammo and Pop Pop had arrived! Which was time for cake. They brought a chocolate, and Hayden made her a rainbow cake. Everyone who sees his six-layer monstrocity is impressed, which fills his little heart. Since we had so much cake, I called in the neighborhood boys for help. Grace was THRILLED that they came in to sing Happy Birthday to her. The perfect end to her perfect day.

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