Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ashling & Isabel's 1st Communion

We were blessed to be included in the First Communion festivities for two of Hayden's friends, Ashling & Isabel. I wanted him to have the whole experience, so we joined their families for the church service. Hayden has never sat through Mass before. In fact, the last time he was in a Catholic church he had to be carried out by Aunt Courtney.

He's learned a lot about sitting still in the last five years. Good thing, since he wound up sitting next to Granda, who'd flown in from Ireland for the big day.

It was a long ceremony, a full Mass plus the kids in their white clothes. They all looked adorable. But I do wonder what kind of bar this sets for their weddings...

After the service, Miss Tina & I ran the boys through the McDonald's drive-thru as a reward for keeping still. Then we collected the rest of our family for the party at the golf course. (Again, I want to go to the weddings these girls have.)

We had a huge room in the club house, a DJ and dance floor, plus a large covered deck and bar. The Oregon sunshine was hit and miss that day, but we managed to get in lots of photos in the dry spells and it was warm enough for tables outside.

The kids were all about dancing. The DJ let them make all the requests they wanted, and they danced in every style, to every song. Miss Tina led everyone through a Zumba song or two.
Even Hayden danced...with his Miss Helen. He wasn't about to dance with me, or even let me catch him with the camera.

 And then the boys decided to turn the party into their first stand-up comedy show. Thank goodness most of the guests have the same sense of humor that they do!

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