Friday, September 02, 2011

Mahoney Girls' Birthday Party

I miss the days when I could have a shared birthday party at the park for my boys. Thank goodness Ashling & Tara know what a good time it is for everyone, and have picked up the tradition. It's total family fun time.
And since it is for our resident princesses, it's always fabulous. This year, the stars were the very special cupakes.

The kids see this as an opportunity to play, eat pizza and cake, and basically go wild. It's become an end of summer tradition in our little group.

This year, the sprinklers turned on. It was like the kids were at a waterpark. And the weather was so warm, they were completely dry when it came time to load them in the cars.

Happy birthday, Ashling & Tara!

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rsctt said...

those cupcakes are soooo cute