Saturday, September 17, 2011


I came home from a workshop today to find 4 of my favorite children -- my three and Natalie! She is just so gorgeous. Look at those big brown eyes! And she's so sure on her feet, and naming everything she sees.

I think she liked Rogue a bit more than her cousin's this trip. The Burke kiddos were all a bit wild. Grace because she didn't get a nap and the boys...because they are the wild boys of Oregon. What can I say?

Grace seemed thrilled that Natalie is big enough to play with now. She wasn't so sure about sharing, but lucky for her, Natalie hasn't reached the mine-mine-mine phase yet.

The boys even helped the girls sift through the dress up box. Bayley seemed to be into it more than usual.

Natalie even got into it, probably so Bayley wouldn't feel awkward.


Hyppster's Board said...

Gorgeous baby!

Cbayley said...

She was impressed that Rogue let her touch him. Jack's getting better but won't lay there like Rogue does. Soon enough the girls will play and the boys won't be interested.