Sunday, June 26, 2011

Report Card Dinner

When the boys bring home good grades, we take them out to dinner and they get to pick the restaurant. So...even after a Chuck E Cheese birthday party at lunch time, Bayley wanted pizza for dinner. At Out of This World.

I really think our local pizza & play space is a great idea. Especially during our long rainy winters and on days when it's too hot to play outside (plus, on days over 90 the kids get free ice cream). But, I do not like taking Grace there. She's at the chase me stage, and it's exhausting.

So, we made a deal with the boys. We'd take them if they took turns with Grace. And for the most part, they did. They tried to get her to do the things they like, but she's still too scared to go through the blow-up maze to get to the giant slide, or even climb through the blacklight play structure. So they took twenty minute shifts, and when they decided to complain about it, we left!


Fab Free Fun said...

So smart! It is difficult being older, however, good decision making skills! How bad do we want to go...

Anonymous said...
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