Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best Summer Ever!

The boys and I decided that after all the mucky weather we've suffered through, we're going to have the best summer ever. It sounds like a great plan to me!

To start summer vacation off right, I let them pick breakfast. Bayley wanted cinnamon rolls and coffee cake. Not exactly something you can whip up on the spot (darned bake times!) Hayden was much easier on me, requesting scrambled eggs and toast. He said thanks three times!

The boys think that for every errand they have to go on, they should get to do something fun. So, we went to the library - and then fed the ducks!

Feeding the ducks never seems to get old. Even Bayley likes it. Grace terrorized the poor ducks. They wanted to be as close as possible to the food, but she wanted to chase them away and say "Shoo!" and then she'd feed them, and then she'd chase them. I wonder if ducks need therapy?

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