Thursday, June 02, 2011


Only true Oregonian kiddos would be thrilled by the idea of running in drizzly rain! To help fundraise for the school Booster Club, the kids got to run around the parking lot. It's way more fun than it sounds!

I packed up Grace and headed over to cheer Hayden on. Lucky for me, Bayley had decided to give up his recess so he could do the same! With all that support, Hayden ran 13 laps!

Grace thought it was a great idea to run through the kids, but when I took her for a lap of her own, she wasn't as enthusiastic.

The boys headed in, and we girls headed back to the house. After grabbing a snack, we made it back to the school in time to watch Bayley's class run. It had move from sprinkles to drizzle, so I put Grace in the stroller this time. She was not happy about THAT situation.

The upper classmen ran the parking lot loop, which is longer than the bus loop the younger kids ran. Bayley ran 7 laps, which is just about the same as Hayden's 13, distance-wise. It's a little over a mile and a half.

Not bad, considering both of my boys spent much of their 20 minutes visiting with their friends instead of actually running.

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