Sunday, September 26, 2010

Natalie's Christening

Natalie was baptised today, and to celebrate Uncle Dan & Aunt Christina were throwing a picnic lunch for the family and closest friends...and then it rained!

So, they re-routed everyone to our place where we all stuffed ourselves with Abuelo Ramon's tostadas. And fruit. Wow, did Gracie go to town on the fruit! He had both strawberries and cantaloupe, so she was as happy with the fruit as Pop Pop was with his four tostadas!

We tried again for a picture of the cousins. Natalie and the boys sat still...and I tried to make Grace sit down...and she wanted to be the one holding the baby, and the baby was having none of that!

The party also marked the return on Uncle Randy, Uncle Dan's best friend who lived with Uncle Gabe back in DC for a couple of years. Poor guy, we've termed him our brother from a different mother...and father! The boys didn't remember him at first, which was good since they used to call him Randy Candy and who needs that! Once they realized he was funny, they were all over him...literally. They even offered to 'train' him to play Wii and Nintendo DS!

Friday, September 17, 2010

ABRA - cadabra!

Abra's 5th birthday party was a big hit! Everyone trekked over to her house for a backyard hot dog bash! There were more hot dogs than the kids could eat - and Hayden made a valiant attempt at 3.

Miss Paula made foam weiners and let the kids decorate them with condiments, then they got to play stick the weiner in the bun. I have never risen above adolescent humor, so I couldn't stop giggling. The pinata was a giant hot dog, so when Hayden knocked the tip off it I said he must have decided the weiner needed to be circumcised! I could not help myself. Thank goodness she stopped herself before she made a weiner cake! (No kids heard my bawdy asides)

Grace was very interested in Abra's pond...she went fishing in it...and later dunked the sucker she scored from the pinata in the water. GROSS! She was the messiest princess ever.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

1st Soccer Game

The red dragons had their first game today...and they won 6 to 3. Not that there is an official score in U8, but the boys all knew what it was. Since this was Hayden's first soccer game ever, he had moments of not knowing quite what to do. Thankfully there were more moments of 'hey, that's my ball!" We may have a defender on our hands. He was best at getting the ball away from the other kids and passing it to the boys who like to run it down the field as fast as they can. Whatever works!

Grace wore her cheerleading outfit to support the team...and because of the Ducks game this afternoon. Go Ducks!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Baby Natalie

Grace & Natalie had their first playdate today. They were both adorable, checking one another out without the distraction of boynados. Natalie seemed to enjoy watching Grace whirl around...Grace loved Natalie best when Aunt Christina was holding her.

But I needed my baby fix, and Natalie is perfect. She even went to sleep while I held her! My favorite thing of the day? The one time Natalie did fuss a bit -- she looked JUST like Dan did as a kid. It was so funny because she usually looks so much like Christina, but in that second, the girl was all Daniel!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

And We're Back!

The boys claim to have had the best 1st day of school ever.

* They got to go on the bus instead of having Mom take them.

* 3 recesses.

* They both got their favorite friend in their class.

* The new principal had a band at the assembly.

* Hot lunch was fish sticks (Hayden's fave) or mozzarella sticks (Bayley's fave)

* The fire department came

* So did the police

* And a 'newsguy'

My favorite part? My boys had nothing to do with the fire in the kitchen at the school. A new dishwasher was being installed (by someone who was obviously not the smartest person in the place) and flames started shooting out of it. Apparently, the only damage was to the formerly new dishwasher. School (and school lunches) are scheduled to go on tomorrow without...a spark?

Monday, September 06, 2010

Uncle Chris & Aunt Staci got married!

Mom & Dad imported Gram-Mo & Pop Pop to stay with the kids while the grown-ups attended Uncle Chris's 3-day wedding extravaganza at Skamania Lodge for Labor Day weekend. A good time was had by all...well, except maybe the grandparents on the clock!

We missed the Friday festivities - golf - since Jeff had to work, but made it up to the lodge bright and early on Saturday.

After the rehearsal, the guests trekked over to Hamilton Mountain for a hike followed by a BBQ. The hike was...vertical. Not great since my orthotic inserts were in my work-out shoes.

I made it until the trail split with this warning :: Hardy Creek Trail - Difficult. Hamilton Mountain - Even More Difficult.

I headed back down, while Jeff and most of the other hikers pushed onward. A few of them may be bionic...I'm not naming names.

Once everyone made it back to the picnic area, we had a great time visiting until Sebastian arrived. Who is Sebastian? The pig Chris's friend roasted. If that doesn't make you go vegan, nothing ever will.

The group made plans to meet for a run the next morning. We opted for a hike to find the lakes and spy on the golf course...and were passed by the runners! They were all so sweet not to laugh...especially the best man who mowed a jogging stroller right past us with only a slight spray of dust.

The sun got brighter with each moment as the evening wedding neared. Jeff had to arrive early to help seat people or whatever it is that ushers do. I came later...and when he was done he asked where his speech was. Um yeah...instead of watching the bride walk down the aisle I was racing through the lodge, running just as fast as the marathoners of the morning to get the speech and get back to the ampitheater before Jeff had to talk.

I made it...but hadn't quite caught my breath when he was called to speak. His mother and aunt liked his speech and said it was well-written...which made me smile.

Next came a cocktail hour while the family ran through the obligatory photos. Then it was on to the reception. I kind of feel I should mention the crab cakes and bacon wrapped scallops and raspberry lemon drops and huckleberry sours...only to be topped by the Stecato Gelato cart and homemade cookies!

Chris & Staci asked for song suggestions on their RSVP cards...and they had a great band who was able to move between Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, country, funk, was amazing how diverse they were...and how many people stayed on the dance floor! Very few wallflowers in this bunch! Even Jeff danced -- 7 songs! I really think he doubled as much as he's danced in our whole married life in one night!

An amazing couple, loving family, fantastic friends, delicious food, gorgeous setting, and a truly great party! It could not have been more perfect.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Dinner Party

With lots of friends and family in town for Uncle Chris's wedding, Grandma Bobbie & Grandpa Bill had a dinner party so they could see the kids (The wedding, and my weekend, is child-free). Since the boys came back from Camp Hot Tub after Jeff had left for the bachelor party two-day extravaganza, they were quite excited to see him...and attach themselves to his legs.

Since Gram-Mo & Pop Pop had to cut Camp Hot Tub short to make it to the dinner, they were invited up too :D

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Party Tricks

Since the boys opted for separate parties, the era of the park party may be over for us...thankfully they have some friends who picked up the torch and ran with it! The girls even talked their mom into a magician!

Hayden loves this particular magician - having seen him at half a dozen birthday parties and Out of this World - and has figured out a lot of the tricks, thanks to the magic tricks we learned for their cub scout books. Unfortunatley for Rudy the Magician...Hayden exposed his bunny trick.

I thought he might get some magical payback when he did a trick with shaken up Coke cans and opened one right in front of Hayden's face...but it only gave him some caffeinated sugary soda to drink. Joy.

Grace's favorite part? The icing on the cake. Not the cake. Just the icing.