Monday, September 06, 2010

Uncle Chris & Aunt Staci got married!

Mom & Dad imported Gram-Mo & Pop Pop to stay with the kids while the grown-ups attended Uncle Chris's 3-day wedding extravaganza at Skamania Lodge for Labor Day weekend. A good time was had by all...well, except maybe the grandparents on the clock!

We missed the Friday festivities - golf - since Jeff had to work, but made it up to the lodge bright and early on Saturday.

After the rehearsal, the guests trekked over to Hamilton Mountain for a hike followed by a BBQ. The hike was...vertical. Not great since my orthotic inserts were in my work-out shoes.

I made it until the trail split with this warning :: Hardy Creek Trail - Difficult. Hamilton Mountain - Even More Difficult.

I headed back down, while Jeff and most of the other hikers pushed onward. A few of them may be bionic...I'm not naming names.

Once everyone made it back to the picnic area, we had a great time visiting until Sebastian arrived. Who is Sebastian? The pig Chris's friend roasted. If that doesn't make you go vegan, nothing ever will.

The group made plans to meet for a run the next morning. We opted for a hike to find the lakes and spy on the golf course...and were passed by the runners! They were all so sweet not to laugh...especially the best man who mowed a jogging stroller right past us with only a slight spray of dust.

The sun got brighter with each moment as the evening wedding neared. Jeff had to arrive early to help seat people or whatever it is that ushers do. I came later...and when he was done he asked where his speech was. Um yeah...instead of watching the bride walk down the aisle I was racing through the lodge, running just as fast as the marathoners of the morning to get the speech and get back to the ampitheater before Jeff had to talk.

I made it...but hadn't quite caught my breath when he was called to speak. His mother and aunt liked his speech and said it was well-written...which made me smile.

Next came a cocktail hour while the family ran through the obligatory photos. Then it was on to the reception. I kind of feel I should mention the crab cakes and bacon wrapped scallops and raspberry lemon drops and huckleberry sours...only to be topped by the Stecato Gelato cart and homemade cookies!

Chris & Staci asked for song suggestions on their RSVP cards...and they had a great band who was able to move between Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, country, funk, was amazing how diverse they were...and how many people stayed on the dance floor! Very few wallflowers in this bunch! Even Jeff danced -- 7 songs! I really think he doubled as much as he's danced in our whole married life in one night!

An amazing couple, loving family, fantastic friends, delicious food, gorgeous setting, and a truly great party! It could not have been more perfect.

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Fab Free Fun said...

What a beautiful wedding! so nice to have a kid-less weekend with the love of your life