Tuesday, September 07, 2010

And We're Back!

The boys claim to have had the best 1st day of school ever.

* They got to go on the bus instead of having Mom take them.

* 3 recesses.

* They both got their favorite friend in their class.

* The new principal had a band at the assembly.

* Hot lunch was fish sticks (Hayden's fave) or mozzarella sticks (Bayley's fave)

* The fire department came

* So did the police

* And a 'newsguy'

My favorite part? My boys had nothing to do with the fire in the kitchen at the school. A new dishwasher was being installed (by someone who was obviously not the smartest person in the place) and flames started shooting out of it. Apparently, the only damage was to the formerly new dishwasher. School (and school lunches) are scheduled to go on tomorrow without...a spark?

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