Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who stole The Monkey Lisa?

Bayley came home with this prompted writing assignment. It cracked me up!

Who Took The Monkey Lisa?

Someone had stolen The Monkey Lisa, the most famous painting in the world.

Mike Monk, head of the Chimp City Museum, shouted, “We
need Super Monkey!”

Super Monkey appeared in a flash.

“Don’t worry!” he told everyone. Super Monkey is here! Then he…

…flipped open his cell phone and pressed a button, turning on the blacklight. He shone it on the floor and big paw prints glowed bright green on the red velvet carpet. He picked up a small tuft of bright orange hair from the floor.

As soon as Super Monkey felt the bristly hair, he exclaimed, “That evil cat! Don’t worry, Mike, I will solve this.”

He flew off to Banana Lane and met up with his sidekick, Boomanana. The light brown monkey wore a yellow vest and liked to carry a yellow banana that was secretly a boomerang. Boomanana was also specially trained in karate.

“Boomy, The Monkey Lisa has been stolen by the cat army,” said Super Monkey. “Let’s go to Tuna Road and get it back.”

So Boomy took out a small blue boomerang from one of his vest pockets and pressed a button on it and threw it on the ground. The boomerang transformed into a floating spaceship. It had a blue hull, two twin banana cannons and ten powerful coco-launchers. The Coco-launchers were bright green canons with five rows of gold stars.

Boomy took out another boomerang from his pocket, only purple this time. He pressed a button on the boomerang and they instantly teleported inside the cabin of the spaceship.

“I see you upgraded the Boomacruiser,” said Super Monkey.

Boomy said nothing as he expertly piloted the Boomacruiser until it was hovering right above Tuna Lane. Boomanana pressed a button on the dashboard that put the ship into auto-attack mode which destroyed the cat army’s cloaking device.

Explosives went flying in all directions as the two heroes jumped out of the ship and attacked the bright orange mutant cats that served the evil cat king. As the battle reached the five hour point, Boomy spotted The Monkey Lisa. He threw a black boomerang at The Monkey Lisa which slid underneath the painting and carried it back up into the ship’s open hold.

Boomanana and Super Monkey used their vine cables to get into the ship. With The Monkey Lisa now neatly balanced on the black boomerang, there was nothing to worry about as they flew away.

When they got to Chimp City Museum they gave the painting to Mike Monk. But as soon as the painting was in safe hands, they heard a cry for help.

Super Monkey thought, “Here we go again!”

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