Saturday, April 10, 2010

T Ball!

Hayden had his first T-Ball game today! Aunt Christina was nice enough to come by with her super-camera and take pictures.

In T-Ball there is no score, no outs. Both teams go through their batting line-up twice. His coach promise dthe team ice-cream if they paid attention and could make an out. The made 6 in the first inning, 2 in the second and final inning. Looks like ice cream is on the agenda for Wednesdays game!

Hayden is the lead-off batter for his team. He loves hitting the ball as far as he can. He would like to make a home-run, but in T-Ball, you move one base at a time.

The family was glad it wasn't raining, but the wind had a bite to it! Grace's cheeks were quite rosy by the end of the game. Uncle Dan interviewed Grace to keep her entertained - she wasn't a very interesting subject, the answer to every question was 'No!'

Uncle Dan has video! (I'll add that later.)

For the second inning Hayden got to play 1st base. It was great to watch him realize that they'd get more outs if they worked together. Rather than Hayden chasing down the ball and running back to the base, he learned it was much faster to let the pitcher or short stop throw him the ball, and then he got to throw it back to home plate.

I think he was thrilled by the whole thing. I mean, look at this, the kid was walking on air by the end of the game!

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