Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter At Grandma's!

After the diva took a nap to reset herself, we headed over the highway and through the woods to Grandma's house. The boys immediately went looking for their baskets - and the eggs!

You see, Grandma hides money in her eggs. The boys start dreaming about big ticket items as soon as the Easter candy hits the shelves. Bayley wants a certain DS game, and Hayden is still saving for his DS. I think Bayley might have enough, and now Hayden is closer than ever -- as long as he doesn't buckle and blow it all on Bakugan.

Grace wanted the candy in the boys eggs, but she wasn't interested in hunting for eggs. She was much happier with the bunny in her basket...but I think we left him there! (We leave the baskets at Grandma's for next year)

And Daddy really should give in and let us buy that piano...

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Fab Free Fun said...

Much happier kid:) So lucky to get to spend the holidays with Grandma and grandpa