Saturday, January 02, 2010

Snow Day!

The boys headed up to Mt Hood for the Cub Scout Snow Day. They got there wicked early and were able to explore and start out the intertubing runs for the day. This was good, because the tubes go faster as the runs get packed down and Hayden had quite the habit of flying off the tube! Bayley loved seeing the snow cave some boy scouts built last weekend. And since there wasn't a crowd, he got to play in it all he wanted.

They had a great time going down the hill, but hiking back up really seemed to have worn them out. We're hoping it means they sleep well tonight!

The event lasted all day, but the boys wore themselves out, so shortly after lunch they trekked home. And on the drive...Bayley lost ANOTHER tooth. I'm hoping the orthodontist thinks we should wait until these teeth come in before we start with braces.

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