Friday, October 10, 2008


School was out and it wasn't even though it was a bit chilly we headed to the zoo to check out the new frog exhibit and the baby elephant. Grace & Nick got to ride around all bundled up in their new strollers.

Bayley just finished reading Eve of the Emporer Penguin, so he wanted to make sure we saw the penguins. We usually skip it as I'm not fond of the smell...I'm not sure what was in that book, but it seems Bayley has learned how to taunt penguins with the zoo map...maybe he's trying to show them how to escape?

The frog exibit was heated! The different kinds of frogs were great too, but it was a chilly day so the heat was a bonus. The boys enjoyed climbing on the giant frog side as much as looking at the different kinds of frogs.

The baby elephant was as cute as I hoped. It was amazing how he was able to walk beneath his mother without her tripping over him. I trip over my boys all the time.

The zoo is under construction -- lions are promised next year. It means I can't take my usual route around the place, and Hayden panics that he will miss his hippos. Once he got to see them, he was thrilled to find they had sauntered out of the water.

The boys wanted a Zoo Key - a key that lets the animal exhibits play a recorded message about the animals. They didn't seem to listen to what was said, but they wanted to be the one to turn the key. Anyone think the key will make a second trip to the zoo?

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Mama K said...

One day I found a zoo key... I lives in my car glove box, and only has been out like twice...