Friday, October 03, 2008

New Published Author in the Family

Bayley wrote a story this week...and it was featured in the Roemer Recorder (his classroom newsletter). He is so proud to be a writer like Mom. Here's his fantastic first story ::

By Bayley Burke

One day Mr. Fexx found a huge rock in Antarctica. He thought it was a meteor.
He was leaning against it when he said, “I wish I could ship this ginormous rock back to base.”

Then he started to spin!!! He yelled for help, but no one came. As quickly as the spinning began, it stopped!
He said, “I’m at base! This rock is magic.”
Just then his boss came up to him. “What are you doing with that rock?” yelled his boss.
Mr. Fexx said, “This is no rock, this is a magic rock.”

“Then take me to Hawaii,” said his boss in a gruff voice.
“Which island and where on that island?” asked Mr. Fexx.
“On the third island and by the beach,” his boss happily replied.
So Mr. Fexx told his boss what to do and were off then instantly. They were sitting on the shoreline listening to happy music.

“Now I want to go to the summit of Mt. Everest.”
But first they went back to base to get snow gear and climbing gear. Water bottles too.
Then Mr. Fexx said the words to go to Mt. Everest. Then as soon as they started spinning, Mr. Fexx’s boss threw up.

When they got to Mt. Everest, Mr. Fexx asked his boss if he wanted to go home. His boss answered yes, so they both went home and lived happily ever after.

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